Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So, it's been awhile...a long while...since I have had a chance to blog. On July 26th medical school started, and my life ended. Okay, not really...but I will have to say that school has been a hundred times more time-consuming than I had ever imagined. I've always been told you can't fathom it until you have experienced it, and now I can truly appreciate what those people meant! I have no doubt all this hard work is going to pay off one day, but it sure is stressful right now! The picture below is from my white coat ceremony on August 15th. That day was so surreal. I think sometimes it still hasn't sunk in that I am actually in medical school. I had an entire row of people here to see me that day. A special thanks to: Mom, Dad (even though he had a stomach virus and couldn't come to the actual ceremony), Bethany, Baylee, Ashton, Erin, Jerry, Aunt Glenda, Laura, Lane, Lake, Aunt Di, Uncle Jerry, Tim, Logan, Keely, and Lisa. You guys will never understand how much it meant to have you here!

Our medical school class includes some amazing people. I know I have already met people who will be my life-long friends. We work well together and we definitely keep things interesting! It's time for some sleep now...it's hard to come by these days. Thanks for reading, and please keep us all in your prayers this week, as our first test looms on Friday morning. The good news is that I am beach bound as soon as the test is over! Hooray for a long weekend and college football season! War Eagle!