Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mindless Blog

So last night I took my Mammalian Physiology lab final. I am now two class days and two finals away from rounding out the semester. Since I am so mentally and physically exhausted from school, I figured I would do a mindless blog of a few interesting facts about yours truly:

1. I failed my drivers test the first time I took it. I drove on a curb in the parking lot...that's right, the PARKING LOT. I never even made it out onto the road. How incredibly embarassing. I think the very manly female police lady in the car with me made me nervous. Speaking of driving, I got my first ticket about this time last year for going 82 in a 70 on the interstate. I didn't see the problem since the car in front of me and the car behind me were obviously going the same speed as me...I told the state trooper that...I don't think he agreed.

2. Favorite holiday hands-down is Christmas. Like, I am so obsessed that I get on people's nerves. I start listening to my Christmas music on my iPod the day after Halloween (okay, let's be honest sometimes I listen to it all throughout the year...because it makes me happy). I drive my family NUTS wanting to do Christmas-related family activities like watching Christmas movies, going to see lights, baking, etc. My favorite Christmas movies are "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and "Elf". Favorite Christmas song: "Have a HOLLEY :) Jolly Christmas". Favorite Christmas Beverage: Aunt Peggy's Strawberry Ice Cream Punch.

3. I love to read, but it's mainly mindless stuff. I, like everyone else, am obsessed with the Twilight series, even though I swore I would never read them. I also love anything by Sophie Kinsella. As I have previously mentioned, I am currently reading God Never Blinks by Regina Brett, which is amazing. I also religiously read my Cosmo magazine, but the odd thing is that I always read magazines from back cover to front cover. If you notice I also always start my tests on the last page and work from back to front...I don't know...I'm weird.

4. I love to travel. My favorite trip so far was Vegas last summer. It was amazing and I would love nothing more than to go back. I also want to go to Hawaii, New York (between Thanksgiving and Christmas), Europe, a Red Sox game in Boston, among many other places. This past summer was my first time flying. I won't lie, I was a little skiddish EVERY TIME the plane made a funny noise or shook, but I think I could muster up the courage to do it again.

5. Although if you are reading this you probably know I have two little sisters, a lot of people don't really know how close I am to my family. I talk to my Mom and Bethany every day without fail. I also talk to my Dad and Baylee a couple of times a week. I go home A LOT, because I get so jealous when I call them on the weekends and they are all getting to hang out or do something fun and I'm missing out. There's never a dull moment at my house because there are always people coming in and out...whether it be Erin or Macie or Ashton "living" with us or Allen coming over to talk softball with Dad or boyfriends or family, it's absolute chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way.

6. I love sports...and when I tell you that I don't mean it like most girls..."I'm going to pick this team to like because they have pretty colors or because their QB is hot, or I love football season so I can get drunk and go to the games" I have been watching college football with my Dad since I can remember. College Gameday is one of the few shows I will watch religiously and when I hear that theme music, I get chillbumps. I want to BE ERIN ANDREWS. I can watch a game and everytime a flag is thrown, I know what it's for because most of the time, I saw it too. Holding, block in the back, pass interference...yes, I know what all that means. I love Auburn. I always have. I'm not really a huge NFL fan, but I do like the Saints. After football, baseball is my next favorite. Of course, I'm a Braves fan, but I also love the Red Sox and Jacoby Ellsbury :)

7. I have friends EVERYWHERE. My Mom always jokes that no matter where we go, I know someone there. If we need a scouting report for a softball team we are going to play, I have to get it because I know someone from everywhere. I guess that stems from Bethany playing softball with girls from a lot of different cities, then me going to Troy, taking a few summer classes at EOCC/ESJC/ESCC/whatever it is now, spending one summer in Tuscaloosa and one summer in Huntsville, and now coming to Auburn. It also makes it easier that I do not meet a stranger. I could talk to a brick wall...I get that from my Daddy. I feel like I can find something in common with just about anyone, so why not try to get to know them?

8. I love clothes and I am the most insane bargain shopper. People will always say how cute something is I'm wearing and when I tell them how much it cost, they don't believe me. I always get the same response, "I'm going shopping with YOU!" I love cutesy sandals. I love the way heels make my legs look, but I hate wearing them because I hurt my left ankle REALLY bad in 8th grade so it hurts it to walk in them. I'm obsessed with dresses. I probably have about forty. I love Victoria's Secret, too...and Ellie...and Private Gallery...I'll stop now.

9. I am really pretty organized. I try to function off a to-do list. My room never gets that messy because I believe in a place for everything and I TRY to keep everything in its place. I find it hard to study or sleep when my room is a wreck.

10. I love food. I am currently dieting, but I will always be a fat girl at heart. I will nearly always cave under the pressure of being tempted by my Auburn favorites: Pannie Georges, Veggies to Go, and Chicken Salad Chick. I am also obsessed with hot food. I LOVE jalepeno peppers, and I get my wings "Wild" at Buffalo Wild Wings. If it doesn't give me a runny nose, it isn't hot enough. I like Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. I also like sushi (not as much as Blonde Britney), and I love love love raw oysters. I also have a sweet tooth. Let's be honest, I don't discriminate against much food.

Hope this educated or at least entertained you. Sorry if you were reading for words of wisdom, my brain is too fried right now to provide you with anything!!

On a side note, my most favorite show, "The Hills", started back tonight. I watched it with my very good friend Kaitlyn. A few thoughts on it:

1. What do these people DO for a living? Just make public appearances? Who has time to go to "lunch" with your friend every day? Who has the money to fly to Miami for the SuperBowl just because you had the urge? Who can go to the bar every night? (okay, so I know plenty of people who do that).
2. Dear Heidi, You look scary. Don't worry though, now you match your hideous husband whose facial hair looks like a combo of peach fuzz and body hair from another part of the body.
3. Kristin...just because you got in late last night does NOT mean that, obviously you should wear your sunglasses. Face it, you're on crack.
4. Audrina...Brody is not "after" you because he likes you...you are the only one in your group of friends he hasn't had yet...it's called the thrill of the chase
5. Lo...I love you because you are blunt like me. :)

That's it for now :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

We've all heard the quote, but have you ever thought about what it really means? When I got back to Auburn today, Blonde Britney had bought me a book I have been eyeing at Wal-Mart called God Never Blinks. If you have never heard of it...FIND IT...READ IT. I'm doing it, and I should be studying for my final tomorrow. :)I'm on Chapter 2 and I'm in love with it already. This particular chapter is entitled "When in Doubt, Just Take the Next Right Step". It sounds easy enough, but I am so oftentimes guilty of getting worried about how I'm going to handle medical school and if I'm going to get married or have kids and what I'm going to do this summer that I forget the most important step in my journey...the next one.

This chapter can apply to people in all kinds of situations...people who are trying to make a change in their life...trying to overcome an addiction...trying to plan their future...trying to forgive someone...trying to imagine what the future holds for them. As sad as it is, it's true that we are never promised another second on this planet, so maybe we should stop worrying so much about what the future holds and do the only thing we can do and that is to take the next right step. The book uses the analogy of driving at night. Your headlights can't shine all the way to your destination, but they shine just far enough ahead so that you don't get into trouble...and inevitably they get you to there.

We set out on journeys in life all the time...education, love, friendships...and sometimes we have to redirect our path because we realize maybe we have taken a wrong step...but that's okay because the beauty of your journey is that it is your own and you have the ability to take a few steps back and redirect yourself. And don't focus on how MANY steps it is going to take to achieve your goal or mend your broken fences. "If you want to lose 40 pounds, you order salad instead of fries. If you want to be a better friend, you take a phone call instead of screening it. If you want to write a novel, you sit down and write a single paragraph."

Whether your journey is a thousand miles or just a walk around the corner, I encourage you to take that next right step, and you might be surprised at what you accomplish when you reach your destination.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

VIP #2

Time for the next Very Important Person in my life...my Daddy.
I had a terrible night last night and day today, so I decided to drive home, because it always makes me feel better. No matter what is going on in my life, my Dad always knows how to make me feel better. For instance, he knows when not to bring up what is REALLY bothering me, because he knows I don't want to talk about it. Instead, he tries to find ways to get my mind off things and make me laugh. When I got home today he had dinner waiting on me, and was constantly asking me questions about school and reminding me I am ALMOST officially in medical school. That's just what I needed. Not the same old same old "What's wrong with you, what happened?" etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful for everyone who has checked up on me over the past 24 hours. You all mean more to me than you could ever imagine and I love you all!!

A lot of people don't know how to take my Dad, because he is strong-willed...he has a temper...and he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right. He tells you what he thinks and doesn't try to sugar coat it. But anyone that TRULY knows him knows that my Dad would bend over backwards and do ANYTHING for the people who are important to him. He has devoted COUNTLESS hours of his time unselfishly to our family, school, work, friends, among other things. He is also one of the most generous people I know. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it...and everyone that truly knows him loves him for who he is.

I believe whole-heartedly that I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my Dad. He has always pushed me to do my absolute best, in sports, school, and life, because he knows what I am capable of. My parents were a little strict during high school, but looking back now I know that they only did it for my own good. It's amazing as you get older, you realize nearly everything your parents told you was right. Because when push comes to shove, they only have your best interest at heart.

People say that sometimes the only person a girl can trust with her heart is her Daddy...and if that's true then I think mine is in very safe keeping. <3

Thursday, April 22, 2010

VIP #1

So, I'm having problems getting to sleep tonight and I'm obviously burnt out on studying...so I figured I would start my first blog in a series entitled VIP...very important people in my life. These people will be talked about in no particular order, just as they come to mind. One person I am so thankful to have in my life is my best friend from elementary school, high school, and my college roommate...Tiffany. It really is true that a good friend is hard to find these days. I know I'm guilty of becoming so self-absorbed or selfish sometimes that I'm not the kind of friend I should be, and it gets hard to keep in touch with all my friends who are spread all over the Southeast and beyond. However, it seems that no matter how long is has been since we talked, we can call each other or get together and it's as if we never were apart.

Tiffany and I became the best of friends in Mrs. Roberts' second grade class, and we were inseparable after that. Tiff basically lived at my house when we were in high school. We shared so many things together: making the JV cheerleading squad and having everyone hate us for it, battling head lice, heartbreaks, cheerleader camp in Tutweiler, and nearly getting attacked by a bear in Gatlinburg...but no matter what, we stuck by each other's side. I think with the two of us the saying really is true that one day you will look back on all the times you cried and laugh and all the times you laughed and cry. Anyone who knew us in high school can vouche that no matter where "Chanelle and Lashonda" were, something entertaining was going on.

Living in Troy together just added more fond memories like nearly getting thrown out of Hunter's Mountain because they wouldn't cut our grass. And every night at 10:00, no matter what else we had to do, we would crawl in Tiffany's bed with some kind of snack (usually nachos or macaroni and cheese) and watch an hour of Will and Grace before we fell asleep. I wouldn't trade all the memories we have shared for anything in the world. I'm thankful to have someone in my life who has always stuck by me and I know I can call on and she will be there for me in a minute. I love you Lashonda! :o)

New at This

So, I've never tried this blogging business before...but I figured hey, I usually have plenty to say, why not share it with the world? :) I have to say I have been inspired to create a blog by two beautiful people in my life...My "sister-in-law" Hope and my good friend Karis. They are both amazing women of God and I am very blessed and lucky to have known them. I was having trouble coming up with a name for my blog, however, so I asked my roommate (another Britney) to help. Knowing that if I could have one job on the face of the planet, it would be Erin Andrew's job at ESPN, she suggested "Broadcasts from Britt," and I found it very appropriate :) A note for the future: Since it gets very confusing with two Brittanys/Britneys living under one roof, I have been dubbed "Brown Brittany," while she is "Blonde Britney". Since she and I will be living together in Birmingham next year and she will inevitably be mentioned quite often, I figured I should go ahead and clear that up. Now Blonde Britney and I need to figure out what to do for dinner...more broadcasts to come later!