Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer's Halfway Over!

So it has been awhile since I had a chance to blog...I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So much for having a summer break! In all honesty, a lot of my "running around" has been fun stuff, though. Blonde Britney, Brooke, Tate, Drew, and I made a trip to Six Flags to celebrate finals being over. Brooke's brother met us there and we had a fun day of roller coasters...until the rain started...or should I say monsoon? We got to ride all the big coasters though. The park wasn't very crowded since the forecast called for an 80% chance of rain! The picture above was taken while we were waiting in line for Batman!

After the Six Flags trip, it was time for Bethany's high school graduation! I was very proud of myself...I didn't shed a single tear. I think deep down I know things are about to get a lot better for her. She's going to a great school (even if it is Bama) and she is going to have some great times there. I am very proud of her and all the things she has accomplished, but it's on to bigger and better. Here's a picture of us after graduation!

Next stop after parlor. Yes, you heard right. I got a tattoo. I still can't believe it either. It is something that is very special to me, though. Bethany and I both got tattoos of bumble bees...get it? Our names start with the letter B :) We told Baylee when she gets older she has to get the same one...we are still convincing her :) My sisters are the most important people in the world to me. We are SO close, and now we have something that will bond us together forever...because it's permanent...I'm still having problems coming to grips with that, too. But I do like it and I don't regret it. It didn't even hurt too bad, and I am absolutely terrified of needles. I was a big girl, though. I asked the tattoo artist for a sticker for being you can tell from the picture, he wasn't very amused....

Last stop on our tour of my summer...BAMA JAM. This was the first time I had ever been to BamaJam, and boy was it an experience! I saw some interesting characters...caught up with some old friends...heard some great music...and have a few funny stories to tell. Although some people may view BamaJam as a big redneck festival (okay, somewhat true), they should remember it is just for fun. People wear cut-off denim shorts, cowboy boots, and plaid shirts because it's FUN. You actually look out of place if you don't have on something a little bit redneck. I'd like to give a shout out to Hope for letting me borrow her cowgirl boots :) They gave me a few blisters, but what the heck? They looked cute, anyway. I would also like to go on record as saying I did not participate in any mud or Jello wrestling events while said boots were being worn. While at BamaJam, I saw my future husband Kenny Chesney for the first time...he didn't disappoint! Train also put on a great show. If you get the chance to go next year, do it! It's something everyone should experience at least once. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! :o)


  1. Glad to see you went ahead with your tat. I think Erin would have been disappointed if you hadn't. She said Beth wimped out and hers is tiny!! Erin's is larger than I thought it was gonna be. She was really surprised when she didn't have to talk us into it. What could we do? Say no? She's 18! She could have done it without asking had she wanted to. Besides, it isn't like she got something that she would regret later! Wanna see yours!