Wednesday, May 5, 2010

VIP #3...Smalls

Very Important Person #3 in my partner-in-crime, Ashley Smallwood. Ashley and I met at Impact Orientation at Troy University. We immediately hit it off, and we have been friends ever since. We had several classes together and we even wound up living together my last semester in Troy. There's no way I could ever name all the memories we have together, but I will name a few of my favorite.
1. Pearl & Ruby--our kittens we had for a few weeks. Let's just say the potty training didn't go quite as well as we had hoped. Don't worry, we gave them to my grandparents, so they wound up in a good home. I guess we were unfit mothers.
2. Spring Break '09...Party of Five...Ashley "shaking what she got in those jeans"...all the guidos in Panama City...Candice's classic line "WHOA"...awkward seagull...Dirty Sexy Monday at Spinnaker...
3. The Front Porch--Enough Said.
4. On the way home from the Front Porch, or whereever we had been for the evening...decided whose bed we were going to sleep in that night. Don't get the wrong idea! I mean whether she and I were going to sleep in MY bed or HERS. If we slept on separate ends of the trailer we heard noises and got scared!
5. Us and Kirby making summer roadtrips to Tuscaloosa! SO much fun.
There are so so many more...Ashley and I are so alike in so many ways it is scary. However, it makes it great that we share the same taste in clothes and are the same size, because I know the clothes in Ash's closet as well as I know the ones in my own.
Ashley has been there for me through the ups and downs...and vice versa. We have listened to each other cry, and threatened to kill the person who was to blame. We were attached at the hip and when people saw one of us in Troy without the other, they were immediately concerned. We did everything but go to work and class together. We finished each other's sentences. We don't get to see each other as much now that our lives have taken separate paths and we are so busy all the time, but I know that if I need anything--whether it is to laugh or cry, or just talk--Ashley is just a phone call away. I was very upset Sunday night and when I called her it took 2 seconds for her to pick up on it and say, "Talk to me...what's wrong?" Friends like that don't come around that often...but I am very thankful to have Ash, because I know we will be friends forever!

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