Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Week in Review

So it's been awhile since I had a chance to blog...it's a little thing called Finals Week around these parts. I have been working on the "crying" blog for several days now and just finished it, but I figured I would catch everyone up in the goings-on of my life. My very last two finals are on Thursday! That is when freedom arrives! I have my Personal Finance and Mammalian Physiology finals on that day. I have been holed up in my room studying ALL. DAY. LONG, so I figured I deserved a little break to get my thoughts out.

This past weekend was a successful one on the softball diamond. The Kinston Lady Dawgs won the area tournament, sending them to the Regional tournament in Gulf Shores next weekend. If we place first or second there, we move on to the Elite 8 state tournament in Montgomery. Softball season is winding on down...which means graduation is upon us :(

After the big win for the Lady Dawgs, we headed south to Panama City for Baylee's first 10 & under tournament of the year. Although we have some talent on our team, I figured it might be a rough first weekend since a lot of them had never actually played together. However, they wound up winning the tournament! We were so excited for them, as they beat a team who had won a big 10 & under tournament in Troy a few weekends ago. Baylee has come SUCH a long way since last season. She has been practicing so hard in the off-season on her hitting, pitching, and fielding. She is pitching a little bit, playing third base, and batting clean-up. This weekend she had a double, two triples, and several RBIs. Congrats 10U Southern Extreme! We are expecting many more trophies this season!
I suppose my break time is over now. I think I'm going to get some shut-eye so I can start back strong studying in the morning. Oh, in case you missed "The Hills" tonight, catch it one of the million times it reruns on MTV this week. Spencer Pratt has officially lost his mind. He is worshiping crystals, giving them as house-warming gifts, and saying they have changed his life. Blonde Britney, Kendall, Kaitlyn, and I think maybe he is talking about crystal meth, from the looks of his crazy eyes in this episode. I won't tell you any more...just take my advice and watch it. :o) Thanks for reading...wish me luck on my finals!

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